Welcome to the blog of the Society for Environmental Law and Economics!

Just as environmental problems tend to run across artificial political boundaries, the Society for Environmental Law and Economics (SELE) is, as the name implies, a truly interdisciplinary organization bringing together legal scholars, economists, and interested researchers in other fields to address important environmental issues that inevitably cut across artificial disciplinary boundaries.

SELE includes economists, legal scholars, and other scientists among its members, and we encourage broad participation from all relevant fields of study.

SELE’s core activity centers on its annual meeting, the first of which took place in 2009. Since then a community of environmental scholars interested in working in the intersection of law, economics, and environmental or natural resource issues have developed, and continues to grow with each meeting.

This blog aims to spread SELE’s message of interdisciplinary collegiality throughout the year by providing a forum for discussion and inspiration.

Best regards,

The SELE Board